Physical Attainments :

The practice of the ‘mudras’ in the first Kriya, specially the ‘Mahamudra’ can cure many physical ailments. It is a panacea for all sorts of physical suffering. It strengthens our heart and lungs. It cures indigestion and increases the appetite. It protects the liver, kidney, pancreas and other organs within our abdomen. The perfect practice of mudras also ensure proper massage of the internal organs that enhances their functionality. It removes retarded health, gout, depression and nervous debility and brings about healthy gloss of skin and lustre of the body. It prevents oldness and rejuvenates elderly persons. It helps to stimulate all the hormonal glands to maintain perfect harmony within the body, specially for women for the hormones – estrogen and progesterone. It also controls the master gland, pituitary.

Mental Attainments :

Kriya meditation makes our mind calm. When the breath becomes calm during ‘paravastha’, so do the mind and thoughts. A deep inhalation of oxygen associated with other helpful chemical ingredients makes our memory strong. The high oxygen intake to the brain during the Kriya pranayama increases memory power and helps to overcome common day-to-day human problems such as stress, tension, anger, fear, jealousy, frustration etc. It gives us energy and agility. The veering mind attains rapt attention, which ultimately turns to the concentration of mind.

Social Attainments :

It helps in overall well-being of the practitioner. It helps to develop the socio-economic condition of the practitioner. This is because it empowers the chakras and burns out the karmas faster than any other method. The negative imprints of the planets and stars residing in respective chakras get destroyed by the heat generated during Kriya pranayama.

Spiritual Attainments :

By practising Kriya Yoga, we immediately perceive three Holy presence of God within ourselves – Divine Light, Divine Sound and Divine Vibration. It awakes our Kundalini energy within a short period of practice. We, therefore, achieve cosmic consciousness stage, the Supreme Goal of Divinity. Due to its most scientific approach and techniques, sincere and devoted practitioners progress in the fastest way towards the goal.

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