Gurudev was born on 8th of March in the year 1954 at Habibpur village in the Nadia district of West Bengal. He was born to His highly spiritual parents, namely Sri Narendranath Basu, His father and Smt Ashoka Basu, His mother. His birth name is Tapankumar Basu. Since childhood He developed a high spiritual aspiration that made Him distinctive from other children of the same age group. He always kept Himself consciously detached from the external world and never got attracted by the glitz of materialism. His strong aversion towards name, fame and wealth from the very childhood marked the incarnation of a great spiritual soul.

Since childhood, He was very intelligent and studious having great concentration power. He obtained the Masters Degree (MA) in English literature from the University of Calcutta. His extraordinary command over the English literature attracted many students and sooner His conscientious teaching acclaimed Him immense popularity.

After the completion of His formal education, He was being recruited in the Indian Railway Services where He rendered His duty with utmost sincerity and dedication. Although He was readily ascending the ladder of growth at service, yet He stepped out of His job as per the divine will and command of His Gurus to propagate the teachings and messages of His great predecessors. No worldly possession whatsoever was able to entice Him. None was ever been able to lure Him and distract Him of His spiritual duty. Even during His little span of service life, He initiated many into Kriya Yoga.

As per the will of His beloved Guru, He got married to a very pious lady, namely Smt Smritikana Basu (Guruma as the disciples call her in sheer love and affection) and started the life of a householder Yogi. However He always followed the strict life of a Brahmachari. Guruma not only supported Him in every sphere of life, but also actively involved herself in the management and maintenance of Kriya Yoga Mission and various social welfare deeds. Guruma’s conscious sacrifices towards living a strict spiritual life made her the perfect consort of Gurudev.

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