Having an intense spiritual urge since childhood, Gurudev was initiated into Kriya Yoga at the tender age of 8 years only by a world renowned Guru Sri Hariharananda Paramahamsa, who used to live in the same village as Gurudev. Sri Hariharanandaji is regarded as one of the brightest luminaries. His serene presence and divine appearance always inspired awe and reverence among the saints and ordinary people.

His deep compassion, fathomless knowledge in scriptures and immortal teachings made Him a legendary spiritual master. Getting initiated by such a spiritually empowered Yogi was a great fortune to Gurudev. Here it is worth mentioning that Sri Hariharanandaji Himself visited the house of Gurudev and expressed His will to Gurudev’s parents to initiate the young child into Kriya Yoga. This signifies the high spiritual samskaras with which Gurudev was endowed with by birth.

From the beginning itself, Gurudev was very fond of and dear to his beloved Guru and practiced Kriya Yoga techniques with utmost sincerity and devotion. He always used to abide by his Guru’s words and teachings. Successively, he got initiated into all the advanced stages of Kriya techniques by Sri Hariharanandji. Later, He was given the spiritual name Swarupananda by his esteemed Guru and was bestowed the designation of a Yogacharya at a very early stage of His spiritual life.

On 19th of April, 1979, Gurudev was initiated into Brahmacharya and Sannyas (monkhood) by his revered Guru Sri Hariharanandaji, and was conferred the title of Brahmachari. Since then Gurudev came to be known as Sri Swarupananda Brahmachari throughout the world and this name became His primary identity.

By His intense practice and ardent devotion towards His Guru Sri Hariharananda Paramahamsa, in the year 1979, Gurudev attained the highest spiritual stage of Yoga – Nirvikalpa Samadhi – complete communion with God. His monumental achievement – the ultimate goal of every yogi and spiritual seeker – came at an unbelievable young age. This not only denotes the fact that Kriya Yoga is the fastest route towards Self-realization, but also establishes the power of practice and devotion towards achievement of the seemingly impossible result within a short period of time.

This is why He always says, “An assiduous devotee and sincere practitioner of Kriya Yoga can experience a perceptible change of the body and mind within a very short span of practice and is able to reach the supreme goal in sadhana.” He always keep the disciples under keen observation and motivates and rectifies them as and when necessary, thus accelerating their spiritual growth.

Gurudev has graced Himself in the company of great sages of other renowned spiritual lineages of India including Sri Omkarnathji, Sri Atmadev Abhadhut and sages belonging to Bharat Sevasram Sangha from His childhood. He attained an inexplicable exaltedness that by His conscious choice has eluded all forms of propaganda and publicity. He always discharges all His worldly duties and responsibilities with perfect detachment while being retaining Himself in the spiritual realm.

Being an extremely disciplined, witty, jovial, loving and caring personality; His divine presence and child-like smile bestows instant peace and solace, and at the same time His splendor and effulgence grants a sense of complete protection and security in the mind of the devotees and kriyavans. His untiring efforts to propagate the teachings of Gurus and selfless work towards the spiritual upliftment of humanity is what made Him the most sought-after spiritual Guru in present time.

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