Know more about the life of living Enlightened Yogi and Kriya Yoga Guru Sri Swarupananda Brahmachari and His way of teaching. Also know more about Kriya Yoga Mission – a nonprofit charitable and spiritual organization established by Gurudev towards the spiritual upliftment and social welfare of the individuals as well as that of the society. And further know more about the Gurus of Kriya Yoga lineage, the reason why Kriya Yoga is regarded as the fastest and highest path towards Self-realization and the benefits of regular Kriya practice on the body and mind.

Swarupananda Brahmachari

A Living Enlightened Yogi And Indian Kriya Yoga Guru
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Kriya Yoga Mission Kolkata

A Charitable, Spiritual And Human Welfare Organization
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Royal Science of Kriya Yoga

Most Scientific Technique And Fastest Way of Enlightenment
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